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 The Letters Organize
The Letters Organize

Dead Rhythm Machine

The Letters Organize, a five-piece band hailing from the musty outer depths of Atlanta, Georgia, have signed to Nitro Records. Their sound can only be described as a malicious, violent, sonic assault. Perfectly melding spastic off-kilter rhythms and brutal, complex guitar riffs, their intense music is only equaled by their reckless, hyperactive live show.

Look for their full length Nitro debut, 'Dead Rhythm Machine', in stores March 22nd.

What others are saying about The Letters Organize:

With Dead Rhythm Machine, the Letters Organize aren't reinventing the wheel as much as they're covering it with spikes and rolling it over your face. Fans of everyone from the Bronx to the Blood Brothers, rejoice-this is the shit you've been waiting for. Alternative Press

"Shit kicking, next level hardcore. Bleak, stark, frightening and required listening."
-- Kerrang!

"The bastard offspring of The Blood Brothers and Fugazi. Teetering on the brink of ruin, but instead sounding like the product of a twisted, inspired genius." - Big Cheese

Uneasy listening at its best. Take this medicine, you need it! - Rock Sound
Dead Rhythm Machine
In Stores
Track List
1. Dressed Up In Gatwck  >  LISTEN:  HI
2. Matador
3. These Words
4. I Want I Want
5. They Call It Rock N' Roll (And Other Lies)
6. Trouble Sleeping
7. There's Room For One More
8. Don't Move
9. Perfection?
10. Costume In The Corner
11. Song Of Hope
12. A Book For Dummies
13. Operation Dead
None at this time.
Nitro Welcomes The Letters Organize