July 18, 2006 - FREE PUNK ROCK from HIT THE SWITCH

Now available! Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice from Southern California's Hit The Switch. For a limited time their debut album will be available, in two waves, as free MP3 downloads at nitrorecords.com as well as at other participating outlets. The first half of the record (six songs) is ready for download beginning today. The remaining songs will be posted as free downloads beginning August 15th.

"With stores giving less space for independent CDs these days, indie labels and young bands are under an unrealistic pressure to sell a lot of CDs very quickly, says Jerod Gunsberg, Marketing and Sales at Nitro Records. By giving away the music online for awhile we can take that pressure off and focus on getting people to hear the music and let the band develop at a normal pace."

A young, politically charged melodic punk band from Riverside, California, Hit The Switch have been playing the West Coast for the last 4 years and have released two EPs and a full length LP since 2000.

For the rest of the year, expect to find Hit The Switch online and on the road (see current tour dates below) spreading Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice to America's youth, stirring them to action.

Websites interested in participating in the release of Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice by Hit The Switch are welcome to post the following links:

Hit The Switch
Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice
Part 1

1. The March of Dissent [MP3]
2. Operation Northwoods [MP3]
3. Heavenly Deception [MP3]
4. Shift [MP3]
5.Mr. Abrasive [MP3]
6. Anarcho-Syndicalist [MP3]

7/22/06 ????Los Angeles, CA Workmans Circle ????
7/30/06 ????Flagstaff, AZ ?The Joint
7/31/06 ????Phoenix, AZ ???One Place ???????????
8/2/06 ???????Las Vegas, NV ??????The Dive Bar ?
8/4/06 ???????Logan, UT ??Club NVO
8/5/06 ???????Ogden, UT ??Mojo Rock
8/7/06 ???????La Grande, OR ??????The Gadfly
8/8/06 ????????Yakima, WA ?The Zone
8/9/06 ?????????Portland, OR ??????Hawthorne Theatre
8/10/06 ??????Grants Pass, OR Comatorium
8/11/06 ??????Brentwood, CA ??The Epidemic
8/12/06 ????Lower Lake, CA The Rebekahs Lodge
8/13/06 ??????Reno, NV ???????The Fritz
8/14/06 ??????Stateline, NV ??Tahoe Underground
8/15/06 ????San Diego, CA ?Static Lounge ??
8/18/06 ????Riverside, CA ?Babylon
9/8/06 ??????Fullerton, CA ??????The Alley
9/9/06 ??????Tucson, AZ ?Skrappy's
9/10/06 ????Phoenix, AZ ???The Real Bar
9/16/06 ????Salem, OR ??????The Sip ????
9/23/06 ????Riverside, CA ?The SOS Project ?????
9/29/06 ????Riverside, CA ?Babylon

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